Foundation Level Botulinum Toxin Training

This course will give you the necessary skills and understanding to practice as a Practitioner in Botulinum Toxin.
You will learn:


  • History, Ethics and Law in Aesthetics      

  • Role of the Advertising Standards Agency with Aesthetics    

  • Pre-treatment conditions for good practice within Aesthetics    

  • GMC responsibilities    

  • Legal obligations in Aesthetics   

  • Product Liability (On and off License product use)    

  • Principles of treatment in Aesthetics    

  • The importance  individualised treatments  

  • Common health problems that can impact an aesthetic treatment    

  • Pre-procedural client consultation and informed consent     

  • Aftercare    

  • Requirements  of premises for practicing aesthetics    

  • What are the main health and safety regulations?  

  • Topical aesthetics in aesthetics     

  • Cause and effect of needle stick injuries    

  • Measures to deal with need stick  injuries    

  • Signs and symptoms of vasovagal response    

  • How to manage vasovagal response  

  • Morphology of facial ageing    

  • Facial shape, proportions, symmetry and concepts of youth and attractiveness    

  • Facial proportion     

  • Concepts of youth and attractiveness    

  • Psychological theories of attractiveness as a driver for cosmetic procedures    

  • ‘Risk’ groups in relation to aesthetics    

  • Facial assessments: identifying the suitable pathway to facial rejuvenation.    

  • Dermatology in Aesthetics    

  • Structure of the skin    

  • Function of the skin    

  • Intrinsic skin ageing    

  • Extrinsic skin ageing    

  • Dermatological conditions that impact upon appearance    

  • Dermatological skin products     

  • Botulinum Toxin use in Aesthetics     

  • Mechanism of action of botulinum toxin to Neuromuscular synaptic transmission    

  • Pre-injection preparation of botulinum toxin    

  • Pharmacodynamics of botulinum toxin    

  • Blood vessels of relevance to the use of botulinum toxin    

  • Nerves of relevance to the use of botulinum toxin    

  • Muscles of relevance to the use of botulinum toxin  

  • Practice of Botulinum in Aesthetics      

  • Contraindications of botox    

  • Risks associated with common treatment areas   

  • Adverse effects  associated with botulinum toxin  

  • injection site reactions including    

  • Management options in the event of an adverse effect following treatment with botulinum toxin    

  • Assessing facial shape and wrinkles    

  • Formulating a treatment plan for facial shape & wrinkles    

  • Develop a Pre-procedural care plan    

  • What is Botulinum Toxin?   

  • How Botox works    

  • Basic Treatment Areas    

  • The Fat Pads of the face    

  • Facial Vascular systems     

  • Pre and Post Treatment Protocol      

  • Injection Technique    

  • Informed Consent    

  • Client Patient Records    

  • Botox Brands    

  • Health & Safety     

  • Sharps disposal and sharps injury          

  • Transmission of infection   

  • Anaphylaxis Management   

  • Health conditions which may affect treatment    

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