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About the Course

What you will learn

  • 8 Point Face Lift Areas  

  • Volume Bone Loss   

  • Ageing fat pads of the face    

  • Retaining Ligaments of the face    

  • Clinical Significance of Retaining Ligaments and Facial Ageing    

  • What is the 8 point face lift?    

  • The MD Codes    

  • What are the MD CodesTM?   

  • Injection Device    

  • Injection Delivery    

  • Targeted Structures    

  • Injection technique    

  • Alert Areas    

  • Using the MD CodesTM    

  • Why use the MD CodesTM?    

  • How do the MD CodesTM work?    

  • MD CodesTM system    

  • Symbolic Language of the MD Codes   

  • MD Codes Equations    

  • Algorithms for Selecting MD Codes    

  • Check list of standard equations for treating facial deficiencies with the MD Code    26

  • Volume Planning    

  • Algorithm    

  • Example Before and After Treatment Case study    

  • Volume Planning: The MD Codes Active Numbers    

  • Safety    

  • 8 Point Face Lift - Surface anatomy    

  • Injection areas and effects    

Your Instructor

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