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Lipolysis Fat Dissolving Injections Training 

Aqualyx and Deso Body lipolysis training at Skiinpro.

 We can train you in various products such as Aqualyx and Deso Body and Deso Face.

What you will learn.


Injection techniques      

Lipolysis Mesotherapy    

What should a client expect post Lipolysis Mesotherapy treatment?    

Available Lipo Dissolve Products.    

The Lipo Dissolve Procedure    

Client Aftercare    

Possible side effects:    


Example of Aqualyx Treatments    

Treatment guide    

Example Treatments Areas    

Under Arm    

Chin measurement    

Bottom “Banana Roll”    

Side Flank Area Measuring    

Side flank Area    

Injection Placement    

Practical Treatment Steps - Aqualyx    

Treatment Equipment    

Cost/Profit Examples    

Anaphylactic Management    

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