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Ultimate Aesthetic VitC

IM Injections & Skin Boosters


What you will learn


The VitC Injections for well being and skin treatments course is a comprehensive VitC aesthetic  training course that covers the various methods for use of VitC as a facial skin booster treatment incorporating the most beneficial methods for application.  This includes dermaplaning, micro-needling and mesotherapy.  


For advanced aesthetic practitioners who are already qualified in intramuscular injections the course will also cover VitC Intramuscular injections for well being


The skin care application of VitC skin products will cover the methods of (dermaplaning which is  an optional treatment that can be used to prepare the skin prior) to the micro-needling or mesotherapy skin treatment.



Vit C Intramuscular Injections

Introduction To VitC    

What does VitC do for your body?    

VitC as a wellness booster    

What is Vit C used for?    

Intake recommendations for vitamin C    

Sources of Vitamin C    

Daily Intake    

Prescription Medications    

Vitamin C Intakes and Status    

Vitamin C Deficiency    

Symptoms of a Vitamin C deficiency    

Excessive Vitamin C    

Possible Interactions with Medications   


Adverse Reactions    


Common Reactions    

Benefits of VitC    

Intramuscular vs Subcutaneous    

Intramuscular injections    

How to Perform an Intramuscular Injection of Vitamin C    

Tips for an easier injection    

Areas of the body where Vitamin C Injections are be given    

Intramuscular injection sites for injection Vit C    

What are the complications of intramuscular injections?    

Equipment needed for injecting Vitamin C    

Needles  Safety    

Cause and effect of needle stick injuries    

Measures to deal with need stick  injuries    

Needle Disposal 




What is Dermaplaning    


Treatment Steps    

Benefits of dermaplaning   

Pros for dermaplaning    

Dermaplaning Vs Waxing   

What the client can expect after the treatment    

What must the client not expect from the treatment    









The Anatomy of the Skin    

Injection techniques    



Point by point    

Table 1 - Mesotherapy injection techniques and depths    

Mesotherapy injection angles    

Mesotherapy Treatment steps    

Materials Required for the Mesotherapy Treatment    

Mesotherapy solutions    

How Many Treatments?   

What Happens after the treatment?    

Is the treatment Safe?    

How long does mesotherapy last?    


Adverse effects    


Treatment patterns    

Example treatment Protocol    


What Is Microneedling?    

Treatable skin conditions    

Benefits of Microneedling    

How Does It Work?    

How many times do you need to do microneedling?    


What are the side effects of microneedling?    

Mechanism of action    

Needle Sizes    

Needle depth    

Treatment Protocol    

Treatment Steps    


Roller positioning and direction    

Adverse effects    



Further reading for compliance, best practice and industry standards and guidelines that these courses adhere to    

Vit C Information and Consent    

Dermaplaning Consent Form    

Example Mesotherapy Patient Informed Consent and Disclaimer    

Micro-needling Consent for Treatment    

Micro-needling & Needle Free Skin Infusion Therapy Pre-Treatment Instructions    

Collagen Induction Therapy / Micro-needling Post-Treatment Instructions    

Anaphylactic Management    

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