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8 Point Face Lift

Welcome to Aesthetic Training and Clinic - Skiinpro. Our expertly crafted training programs are designed to prepare healthcare professionals and aestheticians to meet the demands of today's aesthetic industry. Our point face lift training is at the forefront of our courses, providing cutting-edge techniques for practitioners looking to enhance their skills and grow their business. Our comprehensive training program includes classroom instruction, hands-on experience, and guidance from our experienced and knowledgeable trainers. Contact us today to learn more about our courses and to start your journey to becoming a leader in the aesthetics industry.

What you will learn

  • 8 Point Face Lift Areas  

  • Volume Bone Loss   

  • Ageing fat pads of the face    

  • Retaining Ligaments of the face    

  • Clinical Significance of Retaining Ligaments and Facial Ageing    

  • What is the 8 point face lift?    

  • The MD Codes    

  • What are the MD CodesTM?   

  • Injection Device    

  • Injection Delivery    

  • Targeted Structures    

  • Injection technique    

  • Alert Areas    

  • Using the MD CodesTM    

  • Why use the MD CodesTM?    

  • How do the MD CodesTM work?    

  • MD CodesTM system    

  • Symbolic Language of the MD Codes   

  • MD Codes Equations    

  • Algorithms for Selecting MD Codes    

  • Check list of standard equations for treating facial deficiencies with the MD Code    26

  • Volume Planning    

  • Algorithm    

  • Example Before and After Treatment Case study    

  • Volume Planning: The MD Codes Active Numbers    

  • Safety    

  • 8 Point Face Lift - Surface anatomy    

  • Injection areas and effects    

Anaphylactic Management    45

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