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Sunekos Skin Booster Training
Seventy Hyal Skin Booster Training
Jalupro Skin Booster Training
Profhilo Skin Booster Training
Neofound Skin Booster Training

We can train you in #Profhilo, #Profound, #Sunekos and #Hydryal #Jalupro #Seventy Hyal Products and the correct protocols for each. Each product is a separate training course.  We can also offer bespoke package training.  Make an enquiry below.

What you will learn.

  • Product Choice    

  • Introduction    

  • Anatomy of ageing    

  • Facial Ageing    

  • Skeleton    

  • Skeletal Changes that occur with age    

  • Fat Soft Tissue - Dual Plane Concept    

  • Signs of Ageing    

  • Soft Tissue Ptosis    

  • Ligaments    

  • Vascular Blemishes    

  • Ripples, folds ((gravity lines), forrows    

  • Wrinkles type S    

  • Elastosis Lines Ripples    

  • Wrinkles type s/m    

  • Creases    

  • Wrinkles Type M    

  • Mimic Expression Lines  or Dynamic Wrinkles    

  • Wrinkles type L    

  • Folds, Forrows    

  • Flaws per area    

  • Therapeutic Perspectives   

  • Bio Skin Revitalisation    

  • Technique and Agents    

  • Treatment Choice Protocols

  • Anaphylactic Management    

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