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Fine Line/Tiny Tattoo Training 

We have 2 different course options for our Fine Line Tattoo Training.

 2 day course for PMU Artists

3 day course for beginners.  This course will cover everything that you need to know as a complete beginner as a Tattoo Artist

2 Day Course for PMU Artists

Infection prevention & control    
Infection control    
Transmission of pathogens by hands    
Personal protective equipment    
Working with Sharps    
Sharps Management and exposure to blood/bodily fluids 
Sharps & needles    
Needle stick injury    
How to deal with a needle stick injury? 
Risks of the transmission of blood born viruses    
Cleaning & disinfection of the environment    
Equipment for cleaning:    
Decontamination requirements for equipment    
Waste handling    
Causes of Infection    
How is an infection transmitted?    
Blood borne virus    
Licensing & Registration    
Skin Anatomy    
Skin Preparation    
Types of Tattooing    
Popular Tattoos?    
Fine line Tattoos    
Cursive Fonts    
Popular fonts    
Needles & tips    
Tattoo Stencil    
Pro create    
Stencil copier    
How to Prep & Place your Stencil?    
Rotary vs Coil machines   
PMU vs Tattoo Machines    
Differences between PMU and Tattooing    
PMU Machines suitable for Fine Line Tattoos    
Holding the machine    
Skin Preparation   
Creating seamless lines - Fine Line Tattoos    
Landing on the skin    
Exiting the skin    
First pass    
Correct Depth    
Blow outs & how they happen    
Tattoo Placement    
Tattoo Shading Techniques    
Colour packing    
Machine Speed:    
Grey Washes    
Wound Healing    
Healing process    
Equipment List    
Tattoo Procedure Steps    

3 Day Course for Beginners

The Skin

The Art of Tattooing: Exploring its Effects on the Skin

Infection Control in Tattooing: Safeguarding the Skin and Health

Risks of Infection in Tattooing

Importance of Infection Control Practices

Steps for Effective Infection Control in Tattooing

Blood borne pathogens

Chain of infection

Skin Conditions

Infection and work practice controls in Tattooing

UK Guidelines - Health and Safety Regulations


Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Regulations 2002.

Hazardous Waste Disposal Removal and Disposal
Exposure of bloodborne pathogens Needlestick Injuries

Sharps Control

Clean Technique in Tattooing: Ensuring Safety and Quality in the UK


Types of Tattoos

Informed Consent

Tattoo Machines

Exploration of Tattoo Ink: Composition, Safety, and Evolution

An Overview of Tattoo Needles: Types, Uses and Safety

History of Tattoos 

Health Risks of Tattoos 

General Tattooing Preparation 

Tattoo ink in the skin 


Needle Configurations 

Tattooing Techniques 

What can go wrong? 

Blow Outs 

Colour Theory 

The colour wheel 

Colour Theory in Tattooing 



First Aid 

Basic First Aid Advice - What to do in an Emergency 

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