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Liquid Rhinoplasty Training

Liquid Rhinoplasty Training UK
Liquid Rhinoplasty Training UK



What you will learn on the course


  • Non-surgical rhinoplasty Advanced application of dermal fillers    

  • Anatomy and physiology of the nose    

  • Arteries and veins of the nose    

  • Muscles of the Nasal and midface region    

  • Nasal muscles    

  • Purpose of treatment    

  • Best practice checklist    

  • Techniques and practical tips for Injection Rhinoplasty    

  • Dorsum    

  • Tip    

  • Alar    

  • The 3-point Rhino    

  • 3 Point Rhino Technique    

  • Side effects and complications    

  • Contraindications    

  • Cannula Techniques    

  • Positioning for Nose Filer Rhinoplasty    

  • Steps to insert cannula for Dermal Filler treat for Nose    

  • How to insert cannula at the tip and deposit the product along the dorsum.    

  • Important steps to be followed during nasal injections to minimise the risk of complications   


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