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VitC IM Training

What you will learn

  • Introduction To VitC    

  • What does VitC do for your body?    

  • VitC as a wellness booster    

  • What is Vit C used for?    

  • Intake recommendations for vitamin C    

  • Sources of Vitamin C    

  • Daily Intake    

  • Prescription Medications    

  • Vitamin C Intakes and Status    

  • Vitamin C Deficiency    

  • Symptoms of a Vitamin C deficiency    

  • Excessive Vitamin C    

  • Possible Interactions with Medications   

  • Contraindications/Cautions    

  • Adverse Reactions    

  • Contraindications    

  • Common Reactions    

  • Benefits of VitC    

  • Intramuscular vs Subcutaneous    

  • Intramuscular injections    

  • How to Perform an Intramuscular Injection of Vitamin C    

  • Tips for an easier injection    

  • Areas of the body where Vitamin C Injections are be given    

  • Intramuscular injection sites for injection Vit C    

  • What are the complications of intramuscular injections?    

  • Equipment needed for injecting Vitamin C    

  • Needles  Safety    

  • Cause and effect of needle stick injuries    

  • Measures to deal with need stick  injuries    

  • Needle Disposal 

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