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Dental Block Infusion Training





  • Client Selection    

  • General Contraindications    

  • Product    

  • Pharmaceutical form    

  • Clinical particulars    

  • Posology and method of administration    

  • What are the two classes of local anesthetics?    

  • What is the most common local anesthetic?    

  • Amide type    

  • Contraindications    

  • Systemic toxicity or other complications    

  • List of adverse reactions    

  • Acute systemic toxicity    

  • Interaction with other medicinal products and other forms of interaction    

  • Pharmacodynamic properties    

  • Pharmacokinetic properties    

  • Pharmaceutical particulars    

  • Special precautions for storage    

  • Nature and contents of container    

  • Special precautions for disposal and other handling    

  • Nerve blocks    

  • The area of distribution of areas innervated by different nerves of the maxilla and mandible.    1

  • Nerves of the mouth    

  • Nerve block areas    

  • Types of Injection Procedures    

  • General Considerations    

  • Onset and duration of Anaesthesia    

  • Posterior superior alveolar nerve    

  • Anterior Superior Alveolar Nerve    

  • Equipment    

  • Procedural Instructions    

  • Injection Technique    

  • Technique for Upper and Lower Lip Anesthesia - Infiltration Approach    

  • Injection pattern for local anaesthetic injection to the upper and lower lip    

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