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About the Course



Learn the art of areola nipple tattooing and reconstruction. The course will allow you to help cancer survivors who have undergone surgery by restoring the physical appearance of their breasts through areola pigmentation. This treatment is also to enhance areola, breast reduction surgery and reconstruction.

This advanced course is designed for Permanent Makeup and Microblading Practitioners who are looking to add another skill to their menu of treatments. This course is not suitable for beginners.

Pigment is applied to the client’s skin to cover the parts of their areola or nipple that has become discoloured. Techniques will be used to ensure the work looks as natural using specific pigments and needle techniques.



Course Requirements:


Must have previous Permanent Makeup training.


Course Duration:


3 days with 40 hours of preparation study with 2 assessment days




ProQual Level 4 Certificate in Micropigmentation and Machine Method for Face and Body (Areola Segment)




Will be assessed over 2 days.

Areola Course

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